NEOS Chart Settings

At NEOS, we understand that setting up a new trading platform can be tough, so we have shared our ThinkorSwim platform with you! Below are links to set up your ThinkorSwim “charts” to look like the ones we use on our webinars and in our live trading rooms. To import these files, you can watch our how-to import files on ThinkorSwim. For those of you not using TOS, we have some PDF’s you can look at as well for the watchlists.


ThinkorSwim Templates & Watchlists

Futures, Indices, & Sectors Watchlist

Futures, Indices, & Sectors Watchlist PDF

Inverse ETF Watchlist

Inverse ETF Watchlist Image

Hot Stocks Watchlist TOS – 12-17-19

Hot Stocks Watchlist  PDF – 12-17-19

3 Time-Frame Grid Template- Updated 03-21-2021

4 Time-Frame Grid Template – Update 03-21-2021

5-Time-Frame Grid Template – Update 03-21-2021

Trading Log Excel Sheet


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