Who is NEOS?

After spending years teaching other people trading fundamentals, options, spreads, and other advanced strategies in the corporate arena, we decided to create our own specialized curriculum. We have distilled the basics into compact seminars to help you maximize your skills and achieve your trading goals all within customized and specific programs.

Whether you have never traded, or are a more advanced looking to gain a better edge, we have various product offerings tailored to your current experience level.

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What we offer

We offer a variety of products tailored to your current skill level. We have 3 different subscription levels you can chose from which offer various levels of engagement with our company.

Our team of experts brings their years of experience to the table when discussing different trading concepts, strategies, and analysis found in our courses, each designed to improve your skill level. Our goal is to have a customizable roadmap for you based on your personality, trading journey, and objectives!

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