Bring NEOS To Your Event!

We are always humbled at the invitation to share at others’ events, it’s one of our greatest honors and we never take it lightly.

As you’ve probably heard at this point…we trade on a different floor. What does this mean? NEOS is more than just trading education. We know it takes more than mechanical knowledge to grow a legacy; it takes integrity, character, courage, and layers of growth and maturity. For this reason we are deeply passionate about topics such as honor, character growth, family, marriage, spiritual principles and more. 

We have spoken at many events, both live and virtual, and the most important element of these engagements for us is relationship. We aren’t interested in delivering a cold speech to a room of strangers, we desire to help others develop their legacies and this requires warmth, friendship, and levels of intimacy. So! If you are interested in having Mark or Kate speak into your event, you are welcome to reach out…let’s have a conversation. Let’s get to know one another. Let’s grow together.

For more information feel free to email us at