Beyond Financials

We are so excited to announce the commencement of our free webinar series called “Beyond Financials”. This webinar series is taught by Kate Wilburn and will occur on the first Monday of every month (subject to change).

The topics of this webinar will go beyond the market and address different issues like:

  • Engaging with biblical economic principles
  • Dealing with your “junk” surrounding money
  • Growing in honor, integrity and character as it concerns your trading and beyond
  • What the Word says about wealth
  • Being a good steward
  • So much more et cetera!

As a student of NEOS and as one who is in pursuit of wealth and legacy, we know you are also in pursuit of personal growth and stewardship. So, we know this webinar series is for you!

So, grab your coffee (or in Kate’s case, iced tea) and favorite blanket and snuggle in for laid back time to pursue more…Beyond Financials.

To register for upcoming webinars visit the NEOS Events Calendar.

Introduction to the Trading Eye

Beyond Financials #1–Learn about the Heavenly economic portal called The Trading Eye and how to engage it to bring Heaven to Earth.

The Trading Eye and the House of God

Beyond Financials #2–Learn more about Gold and Silver and how they are, not only the foundations to the House of God but, the foundations of who we are.

The Trading Eye--LIVE

Check out Kate Wilburn’s LIVE teaching on The Trading Eye at the His Mountain My Mountain conference hosted by: Global Community in Yeshua

Governing with a Vision

Beyond Financials #3–In order to achieve all that we are meant to achieve we must, first, get the vision. This presentation is all about the process by which we attain vision.

Growth & Rest

Beyond Financials #4–Mark Wilburn brings a very timely teaching on the spiritual components of the principle of Growth & Rest, and how it can show up in the stock market and other economic structures.


Horizon--Where Heaven Meets Earth Conference

Join Mark, Kate and Jane Schroeder for an impactful time of worship and teaching in a conference setting on May 22-24, 2020. The event will take place at:

The Inn at Wind Hill Ranch (6300 CR 1126A Godley, TX 76044).

This will be a strategic time of returning to our first love. It is imperative that, through the excavations of the mysteries of God, we not forget Him–who He is, who surrounds Him, and how He surrounds you.

So, join us as we dive into the Horizon–where Heaven meets Earth.

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