Beyond Financials

Beyond Financials is being re-booted! What used to be a monthly webinar series has now become its own product teaching line.

As a student of NEOS and as one who is in pursuit of wealth and legacy, we know you are also in pursuit of personal growth, stewardship, greater spiritual acumen, a richer life experience as a whole. This is why we want to offer more than just financial education, because your pursuits comprise a wide landscape.

The topics of these teachings go beyond the market and address different issues like:

  • Improving mindsets
  • Prioritizing
  • Marriage/family/raising children
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Spiritual growth
  • Dealing with your “junk”
  • Growing in honor, integrity and character
  • Being a good steward
  • So much more et cetera!

So, grab your coffee (or in Kate’s case, iced tea) & favorite blanket and snuggle in for laid back time to pursue more…Beyond Financials.


These teachings are currently being recorded and will be released as they become available! Stay tuned!

The recordings below are from previous Beyond Financials webinars, we invite you to listen and enjoy!

Governing with a Vision

In order to achieve all that we are meant to achieve we must, first, get the vision. This presentation is all about the process by which we attain vision.

Growth & Rest

Mark Wilburn brings a very timely teaching on the spiritual components of the principle of Growth & Rest, and how it can show up in the stock market and other economic structures.

Engaging with Sabbath

After His work was accomplished, the Lord rested (Genesis 2:2); this word for rest in Hebrew is Shavath (Sabbath). The global shut down is being used to induce a day of Sabbath, and how we occupy ourselves during this Sabbath will determine the nature in which we exit it. This webinar discusses the importance of rest and hope for our future.

Establishing Your Platform of Stewardship

Mark and Kate tag-team in a more informal, conversation-style format. They discuss the importance of using RICH–Righteousness, Integrity, Character & Honor as the pillars upon which you steward.

**We apologize for recording the webinar in the wrong Zoom “view”! Totally my fault!** –Kate

Practical Applications of Doing Business With YHVH

In order to be fully functional in bringing Heaven to Earth we must, first, learn some basic business/governmental/economic principles that are active, both, here and in the realms of YHVH. Kate discusses several of these principles, how they function in their respective systems, and how we can operate as Sons and stewards in eclipsed positions influencing many realms. Kate also discusses practical ways we can engage with these things to come into greater alignment with the government and economic movements of the heart of the Father.