We Are More Than Trading.

We Are NEOS.

We are NEOS, a legacy-building company. From finances to family, we offer several paths to building different elements of YOUR legacy.

Neos is Greek for "new" or "renovated". Basic financial principles have been around since B.C; we aren't trying to reinvent the wheel here, we're just making it better.

Through enterprising education and renewing mindsets, we're reprogramming an old-school system and about-facing current financial paradigms. Where other trading education programs focus solely on "getting rich quick", we focus on creating generational wealth. What legacy will you leave? .

Whether you have never traded, or are more advanced looking to gain a better edge, we have various product offerings tailored to your current experience level.

We do not manage your money, we teach YOU how to do it.

We Trade On A Different Floor.

Creating wealth transcends the bank account, it can be an enlightening experience; this is what gives life to our motto "we trade on a different floor".

At Neos, we believe that “trading on a different floor” has a multi-dimensional meaning. The most obvious one being at the actual New York Stock Exchange- representing the physical location where trades take place. We also believe that there are more spiritual trading floors. A floor, in this sense, can be as simple as WHERE you sow/give/trade your resources; or more ethereal in nature. As you elevate yourself and your legacy with NEOS education, our hope is that your experience with us benefits every facet of life.


Mark Wilburn; President, Head Trainer

Mark, along with his wife Kate, is the owner and operator of NEOS Capital Development Group, and partnering businesses. The central focus of NEOS is to provide financial education that empowers people to understand and engage the financial markets with greater confidence in order to grow their money and create a legacy for their family.

Mark has two Bachelor's degrees in Marketing and Real Estate and over 12 years experience as a trading consultant and trainer. At NEOS, he is the head trainer and empowers people by taking them from a baseline knowledge level and gives them tools, strategies, understanding, and confidence to, potentially, be able to become a successful trader themselves.

Mark has authored a book, "Understanding the Matthew Effect", that breaches the borders of "finance" and addresses economic laws that have been coded into creation itself.

He currently resides in Georgia with his wife and 4 sons, Maverick, Blaze, Phoenix, and baby Zephaniah.

Kate Wilburn; Owner, CEO

As CEO of NEOS, Kate manages a lot of what goes on behind the scenes and is also the facilitator of our Legacy Development Groups.

Kate's background and training is in psychology and casework as she has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and previously worked as a children's mental health caseworker. Though her heart still burns for children and strong mental health, her passions have evolved to include business and teaching others how to establish generational legacies through entrepreneurship. Kate is also an accomplished musician and has served as a worship leader/director at several local churches in east Texas.

Kate also co-owns and manages 3 other businesses with Mark including Beyond Financials, the enterprise through which they teach a more overarching approach to business, personal development, and mindset as they relate to a more spiritual foundation. Though NEOS is not a faith-based organization, Mark and Kate believe firmly in the Divinity of Jesus Christ. Any spiritual allusions are made with the foundation of Jesus Christ being the one and only son of God, who was born of a virgin, died WITH us on a cross, was raised from the dead and is now seated at the right hand of the Father, YHVH. They believe in the divine nature of the Trinity that includes the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; and through Jesus' sacrifice we have been redeemed, reconciled, and adopted into the nucleus of this Divinity.

"We believe every human being is powerful beyond their own understanding; encompassing many dimensions of potential and capacity. We love digging into people's wells and helping them discover the gold that's already there."

Mark and Kate currently reside in Georgia with their 4 sons Maverick, Blaze, Phoenix, & Zephaniah; and 2 dogs Sassy and Spencer.

Nicole Kaspersen; Operations Manager

Nicole is the NEOS Operations Manager and as such is quite good at juggling! Nicole is dedicated, has brilliant work ethic, coordinates the most ornate events we've ever attended, has impeccable attention to detail and can manage the socks off of us! Her gifts and skills in creativity, administration and management far surpass most others in her position. She oversees elements of administration, billing, customer service, event coordination and marketing creatives.

Nicole has a passion for teaching. She went to the University of South Florida and graduated with her B.A. in English and American Literature with a minor in Communications. She then received her Florida Teaching Certification in 2018. Eventually, Nicole would love to return to being a teacher when her children are grown.

Nicole was first introduced to Mark through church, and later went to a trading seminar that Mark taught in 2010. She and her husband have followed NEOS since its inception and are traders looking to shape their family’s legacy. Nicole has a fervent desire to see families changed, destinies realized, and communities forever impacted. She believes that the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects, whether in one’s lineage or geographical regions. Nicole lives in Sarasota, Florida with her husband, Aaron, and daughter, Maddie. Soon to be joining them, Baby Girl #2 in February of 2023!

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