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Ready. Set. Trade. Webinar

We talk a lot about finding the right trades, but how do you prepare for the opportunity? This bi-monthly webinar occurs on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month and is specifically built to help you find high quality trade setups. You will be front row as our facilitators explain why they like certain patterns but overlook others. The Ready Set Trade Webinar series will help teach you to fish for some high probability setups all the while giving you some to nibble on during this process.


Zero to Trading

This fundamental 15-hour E-Course is specifically built for beginners. No previous experience trading in the stock market is needed. Filmed from a live webinar, these sessions will teach you what you need to know to begin trading and will equip you with the awareness and confidence to make more effective stock trading decisions.

Options Unfolded

This E -Course will teach you how to find, select, trade, and manage the proper option in order to best leverage your trading decision. This is not just a course on the mechanics of buying and selling long options but how to anticipate, analyze, and execute the proper option for what the market is offering you. You will also Learn the proper entry signals, stop-losses, and management skills that most traders fail to use in their trading.

Debit Spreads

This eCourse will teach you how to trade one of our most often used strategies used here at NEOS. If you have wanted to trade higher dollar stocks, but found the options were too expensive for your account size, this is a wonderful strategy to use as they can make trading expensive stocks affordable for almost any account.

Credit Spreads

This eCourse will walk you through one of the highest probability trades that you can take when it comes to option trading. This strategy is critical for any trader to have who hopes to make consistent profits when trading in the market. Like all of our courses, we will not only walk you through the basic “how to’s” of this strategy but also give you an understanding of risk:reward, how to structure it for more consistent base hits and how to start the trade to have AT LEAST a 65.9% mathematical probability of profit.

Blue Light Special

It goes without saying that our economy has recently seen unprecedented movements. Amidst questions of stability and/or volatility, the ability to make money in current markets has been a widespread query…Cue the inception of the “Blue Light Special”!

Trade the Plan Conference

These sessions were recorded from our first live conference event! This event was full of rich content that can not only elevate your trading journey but give you keys you will carry on your belt for the rest of your days. Each of our powerhouse speakers released knowledge and understanding on a variety of topics including trading strategy, honor, connection with commodities, and trading plan implementation.  We truly believe have the power to transform your trading.


Low risk, high reward–this strategy has the potential to make very high returns on your investment. However, the KEY to this trade lies in how you manage it.
In this course, you will learn when to set up this trade, the type of stocks you want to trade, and how to manage this strategy to aid you in your pursuit of being a consistently profitable trader. What’s great about this strategy is it works great for, both, small and large accounts as the cost of entry can be adjusted to fit your account size and still make financial sense.

Covered Calls

Covered Calls is one of the most optimum strategies a person can learn when they are only trading shares of stock. In this course, we not only teach you the mechanics of the concept, but show you how to use it on a variety of trading personalities and styles. We will walk you through multiple examples of how to use this strategy based on YOUR OWN trading style! For example, if you primarily trade buy-and-hold positions, this is a wonderful strategy that has the potential to increase your returns and make “holding through a pullback” more emotionally manageable. If you are more of a swing-trader, this strategy can give you a nice bump in your ROI at the predetermined target of your trade. Regardless of your style, this is a strategy you will want to understand and utilize when trading shares of stock.

Theta Positive

Theta refers to the rate of decline in the value of an option due to the passage of time, or time decay. In this course, you will learn one of our favorite ways to trade at NEOS, which is to be in a Theta Positive position.

Being in a Theta Positive trade means that time works FOR us, not against us; and we will show you how to do this while still using directional concepts! If a trader can fully grasp this concept and begin utilizing it, they will have found a very powerful edge to use for their financial benefit.

Delta Mining

There are many times in our trading journey that we find ourselves in a profitable options trade, then anxiety emerges at the thought of losing that profit. We’ve all been there!

There’s an old trading adage, “Keep your losers small, but let your winners run“, and often we’re left wondering, “How do we do that?” In this course, we will give you an amazing tool and concept to help answer that dilemma; we will show you a way to stay in an option position while booking profits along the move.

Additional Content

Beyond Financials

We are so excited to announce the commencement of our free webinar series called “Beyond Financials”. This webinar series is taught by Kate Wilburn and will occur on the first Monday of every month (subject to change).

As a student of NEOS and as one who is in pursuit of wealth and legacy, we know you are also in pursuit of personal growth and stewardship. So, we know this webinar series is for you!

So, grab your coffee (or in Kate’s case, iced tea) and favorite blanket and snuggle in for laid back time to pursue more…Beyond Financials.

Activate: Better Mindset, Better Results

Have you ever had a goal you were passionate about, but didn’t know how to achieve it? Ever had a venture you wanted to pursue but were too overwhelmed to get it started?
We have teamed up with renowned corporate trainer, Dennis McIntee with Leadership Development Group, to empower you with education and hands-on application to help you build momentum in, both, setting & reaching your goals. It’s all in your mindset!
In this webinar you will be equipped with mental and physical tools designed to help increase the probability of you reaching your ultimate destination and achieving your goals.
It’s time to rev up and mobilize your mindset!
Get Started