When looking to open a brokerage account, there are hundreds of brokerage firms from which you can choose. Here at NEOS, we do specifically recommend two brokerage houses, TastyWorks and TD Ameritrade. We have chosen to use these due to a combination of fees, ease of use on a desktop and mobile platform, and charting software that goes with them.  In our how-to open a trading account video, we walk you through the steps of opening an account with these two brokerages. Although we recommend these two firms, you need to do your own research and pick a brokerage that you are comfortable using and confident in their services. We believe that each brokerage has their pros and cons, so please do your homework before selecting where to place your account. Below, we have provided a small list below with links for their commission’s information and to open an account.

How do all these firms compare?

Preferred Firms

If you are in Canada or Singapore and would like to use ThinkorSwim you will need to click the link below:

If you live in Canada or Singapore, this link will walk you through opening a TOS account.
NOTE* – If you live in Singapore, you will simply click Singapore rather than Canada when promtped.

Additional Firms